English Version: Sign the Concerned VU employees Petition

Concerned VU employees Petition, Summer 2012

 (Translation of the petition to be offered to the Board of Governors on 11th July)

The VU needs to change its management strategy: it should not be driven solely by budgetary motives, but by academic, research and educational, goals.  We support the Work Council (Ondernemingsraad) in her advice to the Board of Governors. We want to be heard!


The Board of Governors of the VU University Amsterdam


The Concerned VU employees, an open group of academic-, back-office staff and students

Note that:

  • The Board of Governors aim for a budget cut of 33 mln euro in the next two years
  • At the expense of 450 full-time back-office jobs
  • Last year, the VU had a positive balance of 8.9 mln
  • The cuts cannot be made without severe damage to the quality of research and education
  • The Board has implemented a strategy to reach strict budgetary goals, but it lacks coordination and vision
  • Both personnel and students are already beginning to experience the consequences.

We demand

  • A clear vision of leadership for the future of the VU and its role
  • A turn in the strategic approach
  • A realistic reorganization plan
  • In dialogue with the workforce

Please sign the petition on http://koerswijzigingvu.petities.nl/


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