Ultimatum has expired


10 september 2012

Personnel, students and visitors of the VU University Amsterdam


Monday, September 10th, 12 a.m.

An ultimatum has expired

The Board of the VU University Amsterdam has ignored the ultimatum submitted by its employees and the trade unions. This means that they have rejected the final offer to resume negotiations, in spite of their expressed desire for dialogue. The time has come for a different approach.

What the VU Board wants: reorganizations dismissing up to 600 employees, colleagues.

  • We demand NO involuntary redundancies!

What the VU Board wants:  A social plan that fails to meet minimal requirement.

  • We demand a reasonable social plan and guaranteed income!

What the VU Board wants: Implement its reorganization plans while the works council has advised against it  on fundamental issues, not to implement it in its entirety and certainly not in the proposed way.

  • We demand that the VU Board takes this advice seriously adjusts its plans accordingly!


What is the problem?

The Executive Board represents a manager’s culture. The hegemony of commercial considerations has taken over from education and research.  That is bad for employees, students and science in general. The Board is implementing its plans from the top down.

A budget cut of 33 mln euros will put over 600 professional people out of their jobs at the expense of teaching, research and support services. Meanwhile dozens of millions are being invested in a new campus and reforming working conditions to flex work, temporary contracts, outsourcing services and hiring ‘external’ advisors.

What we have done and results

The reorganization plans are hasty, sloppy and controversial. The Works Council has reacted sharply on the questionable necessity, possibility and desirability of the proposed measures. Their advisory report has largely been left unanswered.  The Board has not reacted to a manifesto presented to them by the Concerned VU employees and supported by over 1000 signatures. The ‘Berenschot’ report heavily criticizes the financial plans and reveals that the rationale for them is unjustified. The Board rejects their analysis.

Our plans

Despite our efforts, the Executive Board refuses to move. We do not accept this attitude and therefore we have set an ultimatum.

During the official and the alternative opening of the academic year the Trade Unions have demanded that the Board must take notice of the demands of its personnel: NO redundancies and a reasonable social plan! They must take notice of the Works Council’s advice!

The ultimatum is over. The Executive Board holds on to its stance in the face of its own employees. The time for action is NOW! The Unions and the Concerned VU Group have joined forces and we call on every employee, student and supporter to join our movement of protest.

What you can do

Reading this message is the First step!

Join our meetings, share your ideas, come organize with us, and make changes happen.

Together we can make a difference!  United we stand!

Keep in touch and sign up to news on this site and our Facebook site.

The Trade Unions, AbvaKabo FNV, VAWO, AC/FBZ  and CNV Public

Verontruste VU’ers (The Concerned VU Group)


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  1. Verontruste VU'ers says :

    More actions will follow.

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