Symposium 25 April 16 U


Symposium 25 April 16 U; Klik op deze link







ENGLISH translation of the Verontruste VU’ers invitation for a symposium on the future of Dutch universities.

The managers’ university is broke

It’s time for change!

Teachers suffer from bureaucratic requirements at the expense of teaching quality, researchers in a tough competition for subventions, while support staff is categorized as superfluous, and students are subjected to mass teaching. And also: the McDonalds-like management model, megalomanic building projects, and board members with top salaries.

Such are the blessings of the current management culture in Dutch universities.

How can we change its course? The Concerned VU group kicks off the debate on the future of our universities at the VU University Amsterdam.

Thursday 25th April 16:00-18:00

Auditorium of the VU University Amsterdam


Ewald Engelen

Chris Lorenz

Ottho Heldring

Boris Slijper

Chair: Ida Sabelis

Purpose: To assess the current state of Dutch universities, identify problems and priorities and to seek solutions. And first and foremost, to investigate how to give the universities back to the professionals and the students.

The outcome of the debate will serve as a recommendation for the profile of the new Board of Governors of the VU University Amsterdam.

We welcome anybody who is concerned about the future of Dutch universities and their governance: employees, students, politicians, governors, policy makers




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